Rides and Bookings

Can I book a ride for friends and family?

No, your friend or relative have to book ride from their own Mobile Application after verifying their OTP.

Can I share my ride tracking to my friends and family?

Once your ride has started, you can share your ride tracking with your friends and family in case of any emergency.

How do I get the estimated fare for my ride?

After selecting the pickup and drop off location,  the estimated fare for all available categories will be displayed next to the car type icon.

How can I contact with Captain who has been assigned to my ride?

You can chat with your assigned Captain from in-app chat feature or press call sign to contact him through call.

How can I rate the captain?

Once your ride is completed and the captain ends the ride, a Captain rating option appears on your screen, which allows you to provide the rating for the captain.

How can I pay for a ride?

You can pay through cash. If you have any balance in your wallet, it will be the first source of charge up to a specific amount limit.

Where can I see my past rides?

On your left-hand app menu, you can check your previous rides under HISTORY tab. You can choose any of your rides shown here to view complete fare breakdown of that particular ride.

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