Managing Payments

What information contains my profile info?

The customer profile contains the following information;
Profile Picture
Emergency Contacts
My saved locations

The Captain profile contains the following information;
Profile Picture
Monthly Score of Rides Taken, Rides Missed, Rides Cancelled
Emergency Contacts
Service Type

How can see my ride earnings?

Go to the menu “Earning” and see the earning by filtering the dates and weeks.

When I get paid for each week?

Payments will be done on weekly basis with the cycle, starts at 12:00 am on Monday and finishes at 11:59 pm the following Sunday. If you take a trip after 11:59 pm on Sunday, it will appear in the following week’s payment cycle. These deposits are only for the ride earnings, not extra earning.

Payment Schedule:

On Monday, last week’s payment cycle finishes and new cycle starts.
 All Payments are processed on Thursday every week
 Payments are deposited directly into your bank account on Thursdays

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