Managing Accounts

Why I am not able to login into my account?

Please make sure you are entering same contact number which you have provided at the time of registration and inserted the correct OTP received on your registered mobile number.

I cannot update my mobile number or email address?

Yes, user is not allowed to change his phone number and email address at his own. User needs to send request through or helpline 051-8850000 to CabCall to change these credentials, these will validate though a secure process and then it will be changed.

What if forget all of my login detail, including mobile number, email address?

If you cannot restore your account by using the “Forget Password” option, then you can contact CabCall support at to restore your account.

I am not able to “Go Online”?

If you are not able to go online, this might happen due to the following reasons;
 Slow internet connection
 Still using the older app version, need to update the app
 Any of provided document is expired
 You exceed your cash collection limit
 Account is on hold due to any accident / incident report.
 Location settings not active.

What information contains my profile?

Your profile contains the following information
 Email address
 Phone number
 Document upload
 Profile picture
 Vehicle pictures
 Document images

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