No Physical Office

Other companies do not have an office in the country or a toll-free line to dial. In case of any issue, customers have to email them and they will take a lot of time to get back to them. This gives drivers a free license to do whatever they want to do.

Broken Card System

Companies proclaim to offer credit/debit card payment options but customers can’t exactly connect a card to their account. Due to this reason, the users have to pay more if the driver doesn’t have change. Plus, there is the irritation that the app allows customers to add cards, but can’t use them.

Deceptive Auto Rickshaw / Motorcycle Drivers

If customers take a rickshaw ride from any company, customers must know that some rickshaw drivers purposefully take long routes to charge more. Even if customers direct them to take a certain route, they will only do what they feel can earn them more.

Per Minute Charges

The above point brings forth another problem. per minute charge. Customers have to pay for per minute ride charge. The more time they spend on the ride, the more they must pay. So, imagine what happens when the driver drives slowly, takes a longer route, or customers simply get stuck because of a road block.

Poor Complaint System

The complaint system is very frustrating. Although the complaints are answered, customers will have to wait for a long time to get in touch with a customer service representative. If they are lucky enough, and call from the registered number against which they have a complaint about a ride, they will be attended by a representative after 10 minute wait.

Taxi companies are notorious for sending new ride alerts to drivers who have not as yet finished their current rides. Very irritating and downright frustrating for the person who is on the ride and also the person who thinks the car is coming for him/her.

One company has followed suit. 0.5 kms before the drop point, captains get alerted for new rides which instantly puts the drop off a complete botched-up experience. Without fail, the captain loses his focus and gets busy accepting new ride and misses turns and directions.

Map Following In-capabilities

Be it in any company, 50% of the time, drivers don’t follow map location. If they are, they don’t use common sense. So – customers are either stuck with issuing directions and rolling eyes because the driver is blindly following the Google Maps.

Poor Vehicle Condition

Again, with other companies, customers will notice that 30% of the time the AC will not function, the other 30% will have the AC but it functions poorly and the 10% drivers will argue that they will not turn the AC on for customers.

Whichever vehicle customer choose to travel in, there is a good 60% chance that it will not be clean. Even business cars have a broken AC Moreover, many cars are with cobwebs and drivers not having identity documents to get clearance in armed forces areas.

It boils down to customers own luck.