Cab call is a very well‐funded operation that has brought innovation in online taxi service sector, a bureaucratic market taxi operation. The company has adopted an aggressive approach when entering the marketplace in Islamabad, so the question arises as to how should the existing taxi companies react to such fierce competition that is popular with the public.

Although examining a firm’s awareness, motivation, and capability is important, the results of a series of moves and countermoves are often difficult to predict and miscalculations can be costly.

Following factors are taken care of:

  • Know three factors that determine the likelihood of a competitor’s response.

Pricing, service providing and public response

We are well aware of the capability of the competitor’s ability to disturb market prices; rates can easily go down as a reaction of competition. Although they will act fiercely to the competition posed by cab call, Cab call have company policy in place to overcome such a problem. In a price conscious market, service matters a lot. Better service by cab call will win customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Understand the importance of speed in competitive response.

We are not in a hurry to expedite against any one; market is open to anyone entering new and we are confident before posing any rivalry, cab call will overcome empty space in market.

  • Describe how mutual forbearance can be beneficial for firms engaged in multipoint competition.

Cab call is an organization full of composure and diligence. No decisions are made hastily

  • Explain two ways firms can respond to disruptive innovations.

Keeping up with service standards and continuous customers satisfaction will be helpful in coping up with adverse circumstance. We are a company that everyone can trust and depends upon. 

  • Understand the importance of fighting brands as a competitive response.

We are placing cab call to be the best brand in the market. Our name will set us apart from others. What cab call offer nobody in the market does.