Consumers and citizens’ expectations will continue shaping taxi service developments, touching upon concerns as well as convenience and affordability. For instance, in 2019, the most important factors for Islamabad residents when booking taxis include cost, safety, ethics and beliefs.

These concerns will be an opportunity for further developments in the taxi service. However, as we all know, consumers’ expectations can be conflicting. Busy lifestyles favour an increase of taxi companies, search for better service providers and looking for a good experience.

Taxi use is increasing day by day as well a sufficient number of companies providing taxi services in Islamabad are emerging. This will have an impact on existing taxi companies to surge in competition for others.

This year, the outlook of consumers behaviour provides a scenario on the impact of shifting from one company to another in search of better and trustable service. Assuming a significant increase in shifting from one to another, CABCALL is the ultimate choice of millions living in Islamabad.

Not to disregard, drivers’ attitude, professionalism, and loyalty are major concerns of people using taxis on regular basis. Companies reduce their prices to gain custom, ultimately drivers find disagreeable ways to soak up dwindling incomes. Positioning the equilibrium among different sectors of society will undermine the effects of inauspicious service provision. Having no direct contact with a customer service representative sometimes can be a prolonged and extensive process for consumers to complain against a loss or damage during the ride. To counter this problem direct call booking can operate around the clock and gain customers trust as a result.